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Because of the hazardous conditions and damaging properties of mould, it needs to be handled by an expert. Restoration 1 is available to handle any mould issues you are experiencing. We specialize in mould mitigation and remediation services and restoring damages. We have the knowledge necessary to locate, test and figure out the kind of mould your home has. Our advanced mould removal equipment allow us to mitigate and eliminate the spores. And our training and tenure indicate that we will successfully fix your mould infested spaces. At Restoration 1, we take the health and safety of your house seriously. Therefore, whether you know there’s mould or only believe it, contact our team and we will help.

Typical to growing in dim spaces where there is a lack of airflow, mould can exist in your home long before you know it is there. Mould damage will compound and this makes it hard for removing and restoring. Situations like floods, storms, broken pipes and plumbing issues can bring about mould development. Once there is water damage on your property and it isn’t taken care of immediately, mould can flourish.


Pinpointing where the mould is situated is step one for proper application.


Analyzing what kind of growth you have in your property gives us a better idea of how to eradicate the problem.


Properly cleaning the space and eradicating the mould will create a livable environment.


Repairing damages and renovating the space will reclaim your property's original state.

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Reliable Mould Specialists with Restoration 1 – Make Your Property Safe

If you suspect mould development in your property, don’t hesitate. If left alone, mould could spread throughout your property and cause serious issues. As Keswick, ON‘s, premier restoration firm, we offer first-rate mould removal. With superior expertise, you can trust Restoration 1 for our certified mould removal and restoration services in the Keswick, ON, area.

We specialize in repairing property hazards such as mould and mildew. Even though mould can be highly damaging to one’s health, it can be hard to diagnose since many of the symptoms of mould exposure mimic those of the common cold or flu. Exposure to mould includes symptoms such as respiratory problems, allergies and other potentially dangerous health problems. These are notably dangerous to sensitive people like seniors, kids and anyone with breathing complications. The licensed contractors from Restoration 1 can completely eradicate the infected areas of your home and fix the damaged space.

Restoration 1 is ready to help properties remove mould from the premises in the Keswick, ON, area. Our expert contractors are trained and qualified to eliminate even the toughest, most toxic strains in the area. We conduct our services precisely to dispose of all mould while following the proper guidelines.

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